Online Counselling

Online counselling brings the counselling experience to you, making it accessible from the comfort of your home or private space.

Online counselling (or teletherapy) refers to counselling that is provided via the internet or phone rather than in person.

There are numerous perks regarding online counselling that make it worth considering.

#1 Accessibility. Online counselling can be helpful for those in rural communities with no access to providers or extremely long waits and those with transportation challenges.

#2. Convenience. Online counselling can be wonderful for those short on time or who prefer to use their time on other things as it saves travel time to and from the counsellor’s office.

#3. Privacy. An advantage of utilising online counselling is the increased privacy it can offer to clients. Rather than going into an office, counselling can be done from the comfort of the client’s home or anywhere there is privacy and an internet connection.

#4. Flexibility. Online counselling can offer greater flexibility and an increased ability to choose from a wider selection of dates and times.

You might be thinking, is online counselling just as effective as face-to-face counselling?

Recent research has even compared the quality of the therapeutic alliance and empathy across platforms (video conferencing, phone, and face-to-face) and found that there was no significant difference (Reese, 2016).

Using a simple & secure video Telehealth platform with the following features:

• Works on any device (computer, tablet, or phone) with a steady internet connection and on all major browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, & Microsoft Edge).

• No downloads, installations, or account creation required. At the time of the session, click on the provided link and connect!

You can verify that your device can conduct an online video consultation by clicking here.

Streaming services such as Netflix, Stan or online gaming may slow down your internet speed and affect the quality of your session. Please close these down for the duration of your session.