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Conflict Resolution. By engaging in frequent conversations, we can practice identifying where the conflict lies and ways to navigate moving forward rather than apart.

Self-Reflection. The purpose of self-reflection is to still ourselves enough where we can identify areas of growth, acknowledge progress, and of course, celebrate the wins no matter if they seem big or small.

Empathy Leads. Eight leads to help you to gain insight into another’s feelings or experiences.

Boundaries. A template to determine your boundaries for the following spheres: associates, friends and inner circle.

The Dirty Dozen. The list of false beliefs that are guaranteed to make life miserable.

Creating Change. Change can be hard work but necessary for growth! Looking at what can be changed and what can’t be changed can help determine our next steps.

Self-Care Ideas. Sometimes we need to take some time out for ourselves to refill our tank. Are you stuck on self-care ideas? This is the resource for you!

Self-Esteem. What are five things that you like about yourself? We can’t appreciate what we don’t acknowledge. Grab a cuppa and think of how wonderful you truly are!

Well-being Goals. Different aspects of our lives contribute to our well-being. Why not write down areas that need your attention and then develop a plan.

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