Resource Library

Welcome to the resource library. My desire is that you’ll find the tools that you are looking for when it comes to reaching your goals.

BOUNDARIES. What is it going to take for people to be apart of your inner circle? Take the time to pen out the qualities that are needed for each sphere.
The Dirty Dozen
THE DIRTY DOZEN. The list of fasle beliefs that are guaranteed to make life miserable.
SELF-CARE IDEAS. Sometimes we need to take some time out for ourselves to refill our tank.
CREATING CHANGE. Change can be hard work but necessary for growth!
WELLBEING GOALS. There are different aspects of our lives that contribute to our wellbeing. You may want to write down areas that need your attention and then come up with a plan.
SELF-ESTEEM. What are 5 things that you like about yourself? We can't appreciate what we don't acknowledge. Grab a cuppa and have a think about how wonderful you truly are!
Monthly Planner