Dream Again

What if it’s your time to dream again?

As the year ends with a new year around the corner, I wanted to share some thoughts with you to encourage you, perhaps. I once heard that it’s not so much about reaching your goals, but instead, it’s about the person you become in the process of doing so and how true I have found this to be. How often do we live for the one day when or start something new, and when faced with challenges, we give up? I have learned that transformation is not a glamorous experience; it’s messy and cannot be done in your comfort zone.

What if our choices, both good or not so good, don’t just affect our lives and the course that we take but the lives of others also? Whether it’s those we are closest to, rub shoulders with during our comings and goings and even those we may never meet. In one way or another, our choices have a ripple effect. Are your new year goals bigger than yourself?

Pain is unavoidable in life, and that pain can also birth something beautiful if you commit to the process of getting up each time you get knocked down or fall. Perhaps you have experienced heartache and broken dreams. So, what if it’s your time to dream again in 2019?

A few thoughts as you move into the new year:
• Find something worth fighting for that goes beyond yourself. That causes you to step outside of your comfort zone
• Surround yourself with people that support you that allow you to dream out loud
• Don’t limit yourself to whom you used to be and where you are at now
• Commit to the process of growing and stretching

All the best to you, dear reader, as you reflect on the year that has been and all that is ahead. Until next time. C

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