Celebrating the Wins

Celebrating the wins can look different for each of us, so it’s all about defining what celebrating means for us as individuals.

Celebrating the wins is close to my heart not only because I enjoy any excuse to get together with my nearest and dearests around a meal, take the time to pause and take it all in while sipping on a beverage of choice (clearly these are some of the ways I like to celebrate). I never used to celebrate my wins. I would go from one thing straight to the other, and I realised that I was doing a disservice to myself and others which I’ll share more about soon. Oprah quoted “the more you celebrate your life; the more there is in life to celebrate”. What if we are winning all time but because we are not looking for the wins we miss them? Could you be winning today by simply showing up, choosing a better option, practising self-care or having a go at something new?

The wins in life can be big, small and anything in between. It can be easy to rush from one thing to another and lose that sense of appreciation for what we are capable of doing. Taking notice of the wins can help with our self-esteem and build confidence.

Lesson 1: Don’t downplay your wins and achievements. Take the time to pause before moving on the next thing. A win is a win, and why not acknowledge it!

I remember when I started to break through some of my barriers. To someone else it may have been a walk in the park but not for me. I put my heart and soul into pushing through and going beyond the box that I found myself in.

Lesson 2: Don’t let others or society define what the wins look like. Your wins are unique just like you!

Celebrating the wins can look different for each of us, so it’s all about defining what celebrating means for us as individuals. Earlier in the episode I went on to share about how I like to celebrate and the way I do might not be something that you resonate with and I wonder if that is ok.

Lesson 3: Define what celebration looks like for you; it could be tied to anything you enjoy doing.

Do you believe that we treat others how we treat ourselves? If we don’t celebrate our wins, do we find ourselves joining in to celebrate the wins of others? Or maybe it’s just easier to celebrate others because we believe we are not worthy of being celebrated. Celebration is a beautiful gift that we can give to ourselves and others, and there are so many ways we can do this, and it can be inexpensive as well.

Lesson 4: Celebrate yourself and celebrate others while you are at it! While the method might look different (for example you might like a night out on the town and another would prefer a quiet brunch), it comes down to acknowledgement and making an effort.  

So, are you already celebrating your wins or is this something that you would like to start doing? As we come to the end of this week’s episode, you are worth the celebration! Let the very act of celebrating the wins set you up for all that is ahead. Cheers!

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