Just Take One Step in Front of the Other

Is it fair to say that to be a success in an arena, you need to look failure in the eye and rise above it? Because I am still yet to meet someone who hasn’t “failed” in one area or another. Who sold us the lie that we would get it right every single time?

What is success anyway? Is it what we achieve, whom we become or both? It’s been said that the most successful people are often the ones who have experienced the most failure. What a breath of fresh air!

Is it fair to say that whatever circumstance we find ourselves in, it can help us grow stronger if given the opportunity to do so? This is not minimising the pain or disappointment we may experience or pretending it doesn’t exist. It’s choosing what we do with it.

I wonder what would happen if we were to constantly remind ourselves of how strong, courageous, capable, resilient, successful, and valuable we are? If we are our greatest cheerleaders and offer the same encouragement to others.

Would we change how we turn up or simply have another go, whether it’s the same challenge or another? Life can be tricky, so why do we make it harder for ourselves?

How can you be kinder to yourself as you take one step in front of the other?