Carmen offers professional supervision to counsellors, she is a registered supervisor and member of the ACA College of Supervisors.

Supervision is a formal arrangement for Registered Counsellors to discuss their work regularly with someone experienced in counselling and supervision. The task is to work together to ensure and develop the efficiency of the counsellor/client relationship.

Professional supervision is a process to maintain adequate standards of counselling and is a mandatory component of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) registration for counsellors.

Supervision is a process whereby the supervisee can reflect on their practice and discuss workplace and professional issues in a safe environment—working together to support the supervisee to continue in good emotional and mental health.

A session in supervision will usually cover several aspects of counselling as well as recent sessions that a counsellor has given, paying attention to how and why the counsellor used particular theories and what the motives for challenging were.


$90 per 60-minute session (online)

$80 per 60-minute session for students (online)

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