The Self-Care Lesson

Is it time you start taking good care of yourself?

If you answered yes, that is great news! We can find ourselves on the back burner, running on empty, and that is no way to live.

Do you put everyone first?

Do you feel guilty about taking time out?

Do you want to take better care of yourself?

Then The Self-Care Lesson is for you!


The Self-Care Lesson is a collection of topics to assist you to:

Define self-care and what it means to you

Reflect on personal history, habits and barriers and how they might influence how you practice self-care

How to create a pleasant event catalogue


What does The Self-Care Lesson include?

The Self-Care Lesson

A workbook to guide your self-reflections and make the learning experience personal

Resources to help you to plan and take action

Immediate access


In the lesson, we cover:


What it is, and the myths and the facts.


How Family Of Origin, Culture,  Attachment and Habits can influence how we self-care.

Barriers and hindrances 

What might be getting in our way of taking good care of ourselves.

Responsibilities & Play

Creating space for the things we get to do and the pleasant events that we want to do. 

Purchase The Self-Care Lesson for only $49.

Buy now and get access to the lesson immediately, and you will have 60 days to work through the lesson at your own pace.



I am a registered counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association and a content creator living in Sydney, Australia. Holding a Master of Counselling, Graduate Diploma of Counselling and Integrated Psychotherapy, Advanced Diploma of Counselling and Family Therapy, Diploma of Counselling and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

For over five years, I have been coming alongside people encouraging, equipping and empowering them to reach their goals. My passion for seeing women empowered and achieving their goals made its way outside the counselling room and into the global community via the Podcast, Blogs and Lessons.

I look forward to coming alongside you!


How long do I have to complete the lesson?

You have 60 days to complete the lesson.

How do I access The Self-Care Lesson?

Once payment has been finalised, you will receive an email with your login details. You will need an internet connection and a device (smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop).

Who is The Self-Care Lesson for?

The Self-Care Lesson is for anyone who wants to take deeper dive into self-care, unpacking what self-care is, what it isn’t and some practical ways to start self-caring today.

How long does it take to complete The Self-Care Lesson?

The lesson is approximately 35 mins, and then extra time to answer the self-reflection questions and additional resources.