Ways To Manage Your Well-being Like A Boss!

This week we will be unpacking what it looks like to manage our wellbeing. Better health explains that wellbeing is not just the absence of disease or illness. It’s a complex combination of a person’s physical, mental, emotional and social health factors. Wellbeing is strongly linked to happiness and life satisfaction. In short, wellbeing could be described as how you feel about yourself and your life. An Australian consumer study about wellbeing showed that 58% wish they could spend more time on improving their health and wellbeing. If you have the desire to increase your sense of wellbeing, then this episode is for you.

Like a boss is used when someone does something very well. Why is it important to handle our wellbeing like a boss? Let’s start with if we don’t take care of wellbeing then who will? Looking after our wellbeing is a role designated for us to fulfil even if it means we need a team to help us. Different areas of our lives make up wellbeing these can include physical, social, psychological, emotional and spiritual. Here are what each of these can look like:

Physical wellbeing: getting a good night’s rest, physical activity and body movement, eating food that is high in nutritional value and regular check-ups.

Social wellbeing: maintaining and building strong relationships, engaging with people in the community and further developing communication skills.

Psychological wellbeing: developing a growth mindset, practise mindfulness, building self-awareness by journaling or by talking things through with a friend or a professional.

Emotional wellbeing: increasing emotional awareness, stress management, building resilience, learning to process both pleasant and unpleasant emotions.

Spiritual: discovering one’s purpose in life, meditating/praying, volunteering and practising gratitude.

This is no small job, but I wonder if it’s necessary if we are going to be the best versions of ourselves.

The value of a good boss is beyond measure! A good boss will: make room for educational opportunities, provide motivation, encourage goal setting and work towards it, make themselves available to listen, be empathic, offer solutions, communicate realistic expectations and empower their employees to reach their full potential. A recent study by the University of Manchester’s Business School recently took a closer look at how employees are affected by toxic bosses. Not surprisingly, people working for a toxic boss experienced lower rates of job satisfaction. But even more alarming, employees’ office-place misery spilled over into their personal lives too. Under toxic leadership, employees are more likely to become overly critical of one another. They were more likely to take credit for other people’s work, and they behaved more aggressively toward their fellow employees. When it comes to managing our wellbeing, let’s learn from the “good” boss.

So where do we start if we want to handle our wellbeing like a boss? Perhaps it’s in identifying the gaps. We can’t change what we are not aware of. 5 Ways of wellbeing have a quiz that you might like to take.  No matter what your score is or where you find yourself remember to be kind to yourself, and it is a process. You may want to write down areas that need your attention and then come up with a plan. Here is a resource where you can do just that.

Before we part ways here are some tips that can set you up to win!

  • Start from where you are rather than waiting for the one day when
  • Don’t make drastic changes that cannot be maintained. It’s better to take small steps then a big leap and stop there
  • Remind yourself that it’s about progress rather than perfection
  • When you lose your way take a moment and pick up from where you left off

Here is to you and living your life like a boss! Wishing you a great week ahead and until next time take care.